In my adolescence I discovered Music and Drawing, fortunate to find my destiny at an early age. Subliminally drawn to the low end there was an undeniable attraction to the songs of the 70’s. Creativity began with pencils, drafting tools and the smell of vellum taped to the table. I bought my first instrument the day I turned 17, a gift to myself, the beginning of a dream. Over the years these paths intertwined, the creative process of each unfolding along with life.

Buildings need a foundation, structure, and style. As does a group of musicians…and each should have an emotional quotient. The bass provides an underlying ‘feel’ to a good song just as a building ‘feels’ good when spaces are interesting and appropriately scaled. It’s all about the details and how the pieces fit…seamless. Sometimes it’s the space between the notes. Ultimately I’m looking to provide a classic and timeless quality to either endeavor.

Now that I am ‘seasoned’ as the saying goes, I am still drawn to the very roots of my formative years. The pencils and vellum may have been replaced by computers but a Sharpie and tracing paper still serve those initial bursts, often with inspiration from the same music that moved me all those years ago. With bass in hand I feel at home, whether in solitude or with my mates, or thundering along upon the lighted stage.

Life’s paths change course and veer at times too. 2003 brought a heartfelt reunion with my birth father and in the summer of 2008 my family changed our name, continuing the heritage, back to Riblett. It was and remains a very positive story with no disrespect to my adopted name. These paths now lead here, a reflection and celebration of success. I am proud to share, to work, to be creative and passionate, to continue to meander my Parallel Paths.